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Vision, mission, and values


To be leaders in the management of information technology, and to apply this leadership to all aspects of Abengoa businesses worldwide. Additionally, our goal is to set industry standards as we aid our customers with business IT solutions, providing the highest value.


SIT is the Abengoa company that is responsible for defining and carrying out the group’s IT strategy as well as its user support, system operation, and computer security. Additionally, as a solution provider using state-of-the-art technologies, we help our clients, whose businesses are in various industries, by applying our services according to their strategic objectives.


  • Customer-oriented: We focus our efforts on customer satisfaction, providing innovative solutions and excellent service.
  • Commitment to innovation: We promote continuous improvement and innovation in order to achieve the highest quality according to profitability and efficiency criteria.
  • People: We hire highly-talented individuals and ensure their development opportunities based on their merits and professional contribution.
  • Integrity: Honesty our hallmark, both within the organization and in the communities in which it operates.
  • Professionalism: Full involvement and commitment in all activities are essential for the organization’s success. All business activities are directed with professional responsibility and are overseen by standards established within the management systems.
  • Reliability: All SIT relations with stakeholders are carried out with discretion and care in order to establish trust, as well as improved communication and relationships, between the organization and its environment.
  • Quality: SIT is firmly committed to quality in all its activities, both internal and external, and to providing excellence in all products and services offered.