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3H Strategy Management

Manage your strategic business plan following the methodology of the three horizons of McKinsey.


What do we offer?

Based on the 3 McKinsey Horizons, we are able to define a strategic plan for your business.
We have a view to evaluate every horizon:

  • Horizon 1: Operations that generate cash flow are necessary for short term
  • Horizon 2: Operations that have less profitability, but can be H1 in medium term
  • Horizon 3: Opportunities to grow in the future, long term
 In order to ensure continuous growth, the company should have a balance between the three horizons.
This helps the management and continuous evolution of strategic plans. It also provides a graphical view for reporting.


3H Strategy Management



Added Value and Benefits

  • 3H is an agile and usable application that allows the management of its strategic plan based on parameters suggested by McKinsey.
  • Management of the progress of necessary actions to accomplish the steps established in the strategic plan
  • Generation of data for external reviews
  • Easy integration of other systems
3H Strategy Management